5 great uses of a sofa bed – why every home should have one

Are you planning to move into a small apartment and are looking for a piece of furniture that will save you space?

Sofa beds are unquestionably one of the most useful inventions of the modern décor.

While most people may view them as cheap seating alternatives to regular beds, they are way more useful than you may realize. Other than providing you with a comfortable place where your guests can sit and sleep, sofa beds have many other useful applications. And this is made possible due to their small size and dual function.

So before you start deciding on whether to invest in a sleeper sofa or not, you might consider learning some of its other uses. And to make things easier for you, we have compiled this list of the 5 great uses of a sofa bed – why every home should have one.

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To Make Your Living Room an Occasional Guest Room

While having a dedicated room for guests is everybody’s dream, very few people have the luck to have one. However, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have one as long as you own a great sofa bed. When guests visit and stay for the night, you just pull out your sofa bed and utilize the living room as a guest room. Of course, the sofa bed won’t be as spacious and comfortable as it would be if the guest had a regular bed and his or her room. But he or she definitely will like the unique experience and the fact that you are hospitable.

And if you are lucky to have a guest room, you can still utilize your sofa bed as a sleeping place for your guests and use that room for something else. For example, you can convert it into a library or party room. After all, your guest will just be staying over for a day or two.

To Create an Office from One of Your Living Spaces

With the advancement of technology and the growing importance of digital marketing careers, a good number of people work from home nowadays. And if you are one of them then you probably have realized having an office space inside your house is crucial. Sadly, not everyone has the resources to allow them to buy or rent a house that has enough space to allow them to have an in-home office.

Instead, most people decide to be a little creative with their living room or one of their bedrooms.


Obviously, you will be working with very limited space which would require small furniture pieces like sofa beds. A sofa bed naturally works well for small spaces and performs a variety of functions. Unlike using office chairs, bringing in a functional piece like the Wellgarden Deluxe Faux#ad will make your small office flow with the rest of your room décor. With that, it becomes a useful multi-furniture piece that provides you with an attractive office during the day and transforms the office into a sleeping place for your guests whenever the need arises.

To Make Your Living Room an Occasional Bedroom

Do you remember the last time you had a family member with flu in your house? Of course, you try as much as possible to avoid him or her like a plague. In most cases, people choose to quarantine that member to reduce contact until they fully recover. But instead of doing all that, you can consider getting them a sofa bed to sleep on for those few nights. A nice sleeper chair will provide a comfortable place for them to sleep during their recovery time.

Also, some people like to lounge when they are in the living room watching TV. If you are one of those people, a sofa bed will provide you with a perfect balance between a regular bed and a couch.

5 great uses of a sofa bed

It will enable you to watch all your favourite blockbusters as you lie comfortably on a soft and stylish bed in the living room. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about finishing the movie so that you can go to your bedroom to sleep. You just take out your duvet and keep the good times rolling!

To Add an Extra Bed into Children’s Rooms

If you have kids then you know how often they like their friends to come over. For that reason, having a spare bed that is easy to pull out becomes very important. You can get them a small-sized sofa bed so that you have a spare bed always ready in case their friends come over. Besides, your kids can use the sofa bed to sit and read all the other times when they don’t have guests.


Additionally, it is good to equip your kid’s bedroom with a sofa bed to enhance their experience as they play games or watch TV. Since the furniture pieces are very light, your children can unfold them and fold them by themselves, and even move them around easily. Since kids love inflatable furniture, you can get them an inflatable sofa bed like the Intex 68566NP double inflatable sofa bed.#ad Apart from being cheap, inflatables sofa beds are also very easy to move and rearrange for gameplays and other fun activities. Besides, they are easy to clean when compared to traditional sofas. Just go for a well-made product that you can be sure will be able to hold up to your children’s everyday use.

To Convert Your Guest Room into Being Part of Your Living Room

If you live in an average-sized house, you most probably are in lack of adequate space to fit in everything you may want. In this case, you can’t imagine dedicating an entire room for just guests at all times. This would mean that most of the time that specific room will remain useless for you and all those other people who live in the house.

With a sofa bed, you can use that room as extra floor space for your living room. You just add a sofa bed inside there since so that you will find it easy to convert it into a guest room when you receive guests. During the normal days, you get it back into a sofa and the room goes back to being part of your living room.

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As you can see, sofa beds are incredible pieces of furniture that you can’t miss to have in your home. Unlike regular beds, they can help you in a varied number of ways.

First and foremost, a sofa bed does not limit you in terms of where and how to use it. Whether you want to use it in your small apartment to host your guests or take it to your office, it definitely will achieve its intended purpose.

Second, a sofa bed will save you space for placing the bedding since your bed will already have a space for storing it. Besides saving you space in your small apartment, it also gives you the flexibility to multipurpose your spaces. And these are just some of the reasons why you should consider choosing a sofa bed over regular beds and murphy beds.

So whether you own a large house or rent an average-sized apartment where space is a big problem, a sleeper sofa is one of the best investments you can ever make!