How to Choose a Sofa Bed for Your Home

Do you need a sofa that will also serve as a bed for your guests? When space is an issue in your home, a sofa bed becomes a really useful piece of furniture.

Unlike the regular sofas, it gives you an extra sleeping space without sacrificing your seating options. Its addition to your living space is a functional, convenient and easy way to fit an extra bed when you lack a spare room. But regardless of whether you live in a large or small house, there are a few things that you must consider before buying a sofa bed.

And in fact, these considerations will be slightly different from those of buying a regular sofa. Your search will not only involves finding the right size and style, but also something that will match your home décor. This is because the sofabed will be an important element of your room.

Thus your choice will either make or break the look of your room. So this is why we have put together this guide to help you make your sofa bed buying process much simpler. With that in mind, let’s look at this guide on how to choose a comfortable sofa bed for your home.

Sofa Bed Buying Guide

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Sofa Bed Buying Guide

The Basic Sofa Bed Types

Sofa beds come in a variety of style. This ranges from the oversized sectional couches to the minimalist futons. The type of sofa bed that you buy can fall into one of these three categories: Pull out couch, futon, or sleep chair. Therefore, it’s a good idea beginning this guide by familiarizing yourself with what they really are:

  • Pull-out couch

It is the most traditional model for a sofa bed. The model mostly features a full-sized sofa and a full or queen-sized bed. Just like sleeper chairs, pull-out couches can be found in almost any size and style. However, the most popular style among many buyers is a standard three-seater sofa. It normally accommodates a queen-sized mattress. Pull-out sofa beds not only work well as settees in everyday use, but is also very easy to convert into a bed.

  • Futon

This model is the simplest version of sofa beds. They can be folded up to serve as a sofa and unfolded to be used as a bed. You will find most of them to be made up of a single cushion atop a wooden or metal frame. Due to their low-profile appearance and small footprint, they are a popular choice for people living in apartments. The main reason for this is that their no-frills look often make them to have an unfinished appearance in some spaces. This means they might not work for you quite well if you prefer your home décor to lie more on the polished side. They are typically made up of a large cotton batting and low density foam that covers a metal or wooden frame. Futons tend to be the most reasonably priced sofa bed style option.

  • Sleeper chair

As the name suggests, this type of sofa beds operate efficiently as beds than as sofas. This means they are the best option when you are looking for a sofa bed that will be primarily used for sleeping. However, if you are looking for a product that is going to work well for both sitting and sleeping, you should consider a different sofa bed style. Sleeper chairs offer more style options when compared to futon. In terms of size, most come in the size of a standard twin or full bed.

What Kind Of Sofabed Mattress Are You Going To Opt For?

The mattress is by far the most noticeable component of a sofa bed. The quality of your mattress mostly determines how comfortable your sofa bed feels. This is why it is important putting great effort into finding a sofa bed with a good mattress. One that will give your guests a peaceful sleep. Depending on the style of sofa bed that you have chosen, you have these number of options:

  • Cotton or polyester fill mattresses

Cotton- and synthetic-filled mattresses are commonly used to make futon sofa beds. They come in a wide variety of thicknesses. It is advisable for you to go with a cotton or polyester fill mattress that is at least 8-inches deep for optimum comfort.

  • Memory foam mattresses

This mattresses are generally made up of visco-elastic foam and not springs. This makes them very durable. It also makes them offer the most consistent support. Besides, they hug your body’s shape better and even go back into its original position straightforwardly. Being a very flexible mattress type, it is a great choice for use on adjustable bed. This is the reason why they do better in sofa beds.

  • Innerspring mattresses

In the recent years, manufacturers have added extra coils and thickness to the padding to ensure better sleep. However, not all innerspring mattresses will promise you a good night’s rest. In most cases, an innerspring mattress with a higher number of coils will tend to be much more comfortable when compared to one with less number of coils. Also, the most comfortable options tend to be about 5-inches deep and with steel coils and a thick like.

  • Air-over-coil

It is a newer option that features a combination of the air mattress and the innerspring technology. It features an innerspring mattress on the bottom part and an inflatable air bed on top to offer somewhat better conformity. So far, this mattress type has already garnered many positive reviews as far as comfort is concerned.

Which Sofabed Mechanism Is Going To Work Best For You?

When shopping for a sofa bed, you’ll discover that they come with very different opening mechanisms. It’s important that you choose the right mechanism so that you’ll be able to convert from a bed and back again with ease. There are three standard opening mechanisms. Each one of them works in a very different way:

  • Click-clack

It is the simplest sofabed mechanism and is often used in futon sofa beds. So if you are aiming for a different type of sofa bed, you should expect a slightly different set-up. In this method, the sofa bed is converted into a bed by pulling its frame forward until it clicks and then folding it straight back so it lies flat. This allows a sofa bed to have a very quick transition from an upright to a flat position.

  • Pull-out

Most of the newest sofa beds come in a design that lets you easily pull them open even with just one hand. These are known as Pull-out sofa beds. They are particularly popular nowadays thanks to the ease of converting them into a bed and vice versa.

You just pass down your hand until you reach and pull the handle that unfolds the mattress in thirds like with the stylish Noa and Nani – Hove Single Day Bed with Pullout Trundle. #ad You will find this sofa bed’s mechanism very helpful especially when you have to prepare your sofa bed alone. Another instance is when your guests decide to stay over for the night during the very last minute. You will need to get the bed ready for them as quickly as possible.

  • Power open

It is the best option if you have recently started having back problems or mobility issues. This type of sofa bed mechanism enables your sofa bed to unfold automatically by just pushing a button.

How Much To Spend For a Sofabed?

Since you won’t be necessarily using your sofa bed each and every night, going with a very expensive product is not essential. Nonetheless, this mostly depends with your set budget and how often you want to use the sofa bed.

What Kind Of Covering Will Be Best For Your Sofa?

The choice of covering for your sofa bed is just as important as the one for your standard sofa is. Your choice of covering should suit your needs and lifestyle and also work well with your existing décor. Besides, you should keep in mind how stress-free it is to care for the covering material and keep it looking its best. There are a wide range of sofa bed coverings that you will come across, each offering a different quality:

  • Leather

It is the most popular choice thanks to its classic look, durability, and easy-clean to clean nature. However, it is also important to check the leather’s quality just to ensure that it is real. You will discover that cheaper sofas use poor quality leather that is made using the lower part of the hide.

  • Fabric

There are quite a good number of fabrics that also look and feel great when used on a sofa bed. Some of these fabrics include wool, linen, and tweed. Just like leather, they are also very durable and easy to clean and maintain. Also, the quality of the fabrics tend to vary just as with leather.

What Kind Of Sofabed Filling And Construction Should You Go With?

If you have realized, most retailers group sofabeds according to only style, size and fabric. However, to make a well-informed decision, it is important that you go a little further. This involves knowing how the products are constructed. And for this, the main things that you need to consider are the sofa bed’s frame, filling and springs:

  • Frames

Unknown to most buyers, a sofa bed’s frame is a very important component. This is since it is what offers the most support when it is sat or slept on. Besides, it determines whether your sofa bed will be able to maintain its shape in many years to come. A frame made from cheap wood could easily clasp or break and this simply means it can’t stand regular use. So this is why it is advisable to buy a sofa bed like the Tuff Concepts Luxury Modern 3 Seater#ad that has been constructed using strong and high-quality hard wood that can withstand frequent use. Apart from preventing you from worrying about your guests sleeping soundly, with the Tuff Concepts Luxury Modern 3 Seater #ad you also won’t have to worry about your sofa bed’s life span.


How the frame is constructed also greatly determines the strength and quality of the sofa bed. In most cases, the frames crafted by hand tend to be the best. Hand crafting enables a very high level of keenness and attention to small details. To prevent buckling in future, the sofa bed you buy should have solid jointing which helps in withstanding regular use. When buying a sofa bed with steel frames, avoid those cheaper models constructed using metal staples. They can easily fall away and make the frame to weaken with time. The edges should also be smooth since rough or sharp edges tend to snag your bedsheet or blanket.

  • Fillings

When it comes to filling, your choice will depend on your own personal preference. It should depend on how you want to sit and how you want your sofa to look. You should strive to strike a balance between comfort, appearance and maintenance. A good sofa bed should feel soft, plump but at the same time a little firm.

Of all the cushion fillings, foam filling provides the maximum firm support. It recovers very well making it perform better for longer. Semi-sprung or foam with a fibre wrap make your cushions have a softer appearance with decent support. While cushions with feather or down-filled fillings may still be okay, you should be prepared to put plump up your cushions regularly.

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How to Choose a Sofa Bed for Your Home: Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are quite a number of factors that you need to consider when choosing the right sofa bed for your living space. Although the process can be quite overwhelming, it is our hope that this sofa bed buying guide has left you equipped with all of the info that you need. And, if you feel like you now need some advice on the best sofabed products to buy, you can check out our top 5 reviews of the best sofa beds.