Top 5 Best Comfy Sofa Beds of 2019

Are your in-laws always visiting from out of the country or you regularly host guests for sleepovers? If this sounds like you then a sofa bed will be a great investment!

Long gone are the days when you would have to make your visitors share a bed because you do not have an extra bed. Today, sofa beds provide the best solution for people who frequently receive guests and need that extra sleeping space. They provide you and your guests with an extra bedroom without the need for more space or beds.

Another scenario where sofa beds come in handy is when you have a small apartment and doesn’t want to compromise with the aesthetic and decor of your living space. Since it combines two essential pieces of furniture into one, it’s a great way to squeeze both a bed and a couch into your limited space.

As a result, you get to maintain the splendour of your home decor. What’s more is that unlike regular sofas which often get limited to your lounge or living room, sofa beds can also be placed in the children’s room, bedroom, and even in the stud. These are only a few of the reasons why these pieces of furniture have grown to become one of the most commonly used sofas today.

So how can you find a good sofa bed that will give you a night of peaceful and relaxed sleep?

Which sofa beds are the most comfortable ?

Since sofa beds come in different types and brands, it can be sometimes difficult selecting the best one for your specific needs. We understand that and this is why we have done all the research for you.

So without further ado, let’s look at the top 5 best comfy sofa beds of 2019 reviews.

  1. Gilda Futon-Z-Single Chair Bed

Gilda Futon-Z-Single Chair Bed Review


If you are looking to add a modern look and amazing transformation to your home then introduce the Gilda Z to your living space. Unlike most products, every single order for this product gets sewed and crafted entirely by hand for your use.

Material and Construction

Manufactured in the UK, this product comes Filled With unique Bounce-Back Fibre Blocks. This fibre blocks enable the sofa bed to easily return to its original position after use. It is available in a wide variety of colours including Black, Pink, Cream, Brown, Teal, Royal Purple, Grey, Lime, Mauve and Mink.

The dimensions for this sofa bed while in sofa mode are 56cm width x 72cm Length x 39cm height. When transformed into a bed, the dimensions become 56cm width x 175cm Length x 13cm height. Having been beautifully crafted out of fabric rather than synthetic leather, you can expect it to be highly comfortable and breathable.

Why We Like It:

sofa pro Ultra-soft 

The fabric provides a soft cushioning which means that you will not feel the hefty bars of the sofa on your head or body even after years of use. This material is very soft and good for daily use.

sofa pro Z-Shaped Bed design

You can switch it easily from a seat to a comfortable guest bed. You simply fold it out when you want to use it as a bed and fold it back when you are done.

sofa pro Cost-effective

Well, the price of this product is a big plus. And in fact, you will find it looks way more expensive than its actual price.


This is one of the most reasonably priced sofa beds that you will come across in the market today. Despite the lower price tag, it remains very stylish with several features that make it a great investment.

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Gilda | Futon Z Single Chair Bed (Jazz Cushion) – Deluxe Da Vinci Cord Fold Out Chair With Bounce Back Fibre Blocks Premium Block Work Range (Soft & Snugly)(Charcoal)#ad

  1. HOMCOM Linen Sofa Bed Chaise Lounge

HOMCOM Linen Sofa Bed Chaise Lounge  Review

This is a very unique sofa bed from HANCOM that offers a 3-in-1 solution for those looking for comfort and convenience without giving up space. It is a high quality unit that can convert into a bed, a love seat and a chaise lounge.

Material and Construction

It comes in linen covers which not only make the sofa bed provide additional beauty to your home décor, but also make it safe and durable. There are also 2 pillows included that can be used as cushions.
When used as a sofa bed, the sofa measures about 164cm (L) x 66cm (D) x 81cm (H while the bed measures approximately 181cm (L) x 66cm (D) x 81cm (H). When converted into a chaise lounge, the chaise lounge will measures 171cm (L) x 66cm (D) x 81cm (H). Alternatively, the bed will measure 181cm (L) x 66cm D x 81cm (H) cm while the sofa 164cm (L) x 66cm (D) x 81cm (H).

Why We Like It:

sofa pro Easy to assemble
Thanks to its unique folding design, this sofa bed can be transformed from a love seat to a chaise lounge and within just seconds. Besides, there is no assembly required which means you won’t need any tools.

sofa pro A sturdy wooden frame
Since it comes with a sturdy wooden frame construction, you can expect the chair to retain its quality even after several years of use.

sofa pro 2 luxurious linen pillows
The sofa bed comes with 2 pillows included as back cushions for that extra comfort. The pillows comes with linen fabric covers that can be easily removed and cleaned.


If you are looking for a well-made and multi-purpose sofa bed that will serve you as a love seat, chaise longue, and a bed then this is the product to go for. It is designed to offer you and your guests the most comfortable, convenient, and supportive sitting and sleeping experience.

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HOMCOM Linen Sofa Bed Chaise Lounge#ad

  1. Cherry Tree Furniture Black-ACRUX 3-Seater Sofa Bed

Cherry Tree Furniture Black-ACRUX 3-Seater Sofa Bed Review


While most sofa beds tend to lack innovation, this is one product that doesn’t fail to miss this criterion. It is a high-quality unit with one of the most modern looks in the market.

Material and Construction

You can find it upholstered by either black faux leather or linen fabric which is softer and cool to the touch. Since the legs come with a metal chrome construction, you can be sure that it will remain durable for many years to come. Some variants come equipped with Bluetooth speakers.

The measurements for this sofa bed are 180 cm (length) x 80cm (full height) x 38 cm (seat height) when in sofa mode. When converted to a bed, the dimensions become 180cm (length) x 98 cm (bed width) x 48 cm (bed height). Its shipping weight is approximately 40kg.

Why We Like It:

sofa pro Easy to assemble

It comes with an interesting click-clack mechanism which makes it easy to transform into a bed. You can assemble this sofa bed easily at home without the need for calling a professional.

sofa pro Foldable centre arm pad

The 3-seater sofa bed features both two sidearm pads as well as an additional foldable centre arm pad. You can open the centre one to use it as a small table with cup holders.


Whether you require a full-size bed or a sofa to complete the look of your living room, the Cherry Tree Furniture is a product worth considering.

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Cherry Tree Furniture Black ACRUX 3-Seater Sofa Bed Sleeper Sofa with Cup Holders & Cushions#ad

  1. D&G Sofas-Venice Click-Clack Faux Leather Sofa Bed

D&G Sofas-Venice Click-Clack Faux Leather Sofa Bed Review


This is another fashionable sofa bed that can instantly change the look of your living space. It is a unit that comes in a very convenient design that can add versatility to your living room.

Material and Construction

Manufactured by Express Furniture Warehouse, this classy and comfy sofa bed comes in 3 different colours to choose from – black, brown, and red. You will find the entire seat covered with high-quality faux leather.

The dimensions for this sofa bed are Length 182 cm x Depth 88 cm x Height 38 cm when used as a sofa. In bed mode, the dimensions become 182 cm x 105cm x 38 cm (seat height). Its shipping weight is approximately 44kg and is in the bed position.

Why We Like It:

sofa pro The Material is Resistant to stains

The upholstery is made of faux leather which means that it is incredibly easy and convenient to clean and maintain. This also makes it look attractive as well as comfortable to sleep on.

sofa pro Larger size than any other bed

It’s not often that you will come across a roomy and stylish sofa bed like this one. The best part is that its huge size doesn’t make it too cumbersome to move or carry.

sofa pro Removable arm pads

One of its selling features is the removable arm pads which provide it with larger sleeping space. You can remove the unit’s arm pads to facilitate extra sleeping space. Besides, you can also take them off and used them as your pillows.


This is a fairly priced sofa bed that could be a good investment for those families with children or pets since it is easy to clean. Although it may not fit into small spaces, it is a very good investment that will make an impression if you have large rooms and give you both value and fashion.

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  1. Unmatchable Duo-Contrast-3-Seater Sofabed

Unmatchable Duo-Contrast-3-Seater Sofabed Review


Thanks to the contrast of its two colours and simple design, this is one product that can fit in almost any interior decor. The sofa comes with rich texture and quality comfort combined.

Material and Construction

Its base colour is very different from the seat and the backseat’s extra padding making it look very elegant regardless of your room background. You will find the sofa bed available in charcoal colour for the faux leather piece and duck grey for the one made of fabric. Since it comes in either fabric or faux leather, you can choose the one that you prefer according to your preferences and needs. To complement the whole look, it comes detailed with curvy legs which are made from chrome.

Its measurements are Width 190cm x Depth 92cm x Height 82cm when in sofa mode. When turned into a bed, the dimensions are Width 190cm x Depth 113cm x Height 36cm. Its shipping weight is approximately 40 kg.

Why We Like It:

sofa pro Medium-sized 3-seater

The unit is very convenient as it can easily fit in almost any room. Even if you have a very small room, this product is made to fit in even the smallest of spaces.

sofa pro Comes in double colour contrast for every single piece

The colour of this sofa bed is one of the things that attracts most people. Its dual colour contrast makes it good looking and spices your room up a little.

sofa pro Has curved chrome legs

The curved legs are made out of chrome which makes them last longer compared to those of the simple regular sofas.

sofa pro Available in two types of fabric

Since it comes in two fabric variants, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the fabric that you like.


One thing that you can be sure of after getting this sofa bed. A cosy sleeping place for both yourself and your visitors without sacrificing the elegant look of your living space.

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Unmatchable Duo-Contrast-3-Seater Sofabed#ad


Purchasing a new sofa bed is a big purchase and this is why you have to make sure you get it right the first time. This is why we have provided you with this product review to help you understand what the market offers at different prices and different features.

After reading this review, we are hopeful that you have been able to find a product that can help you fulfil your needs and at the same time fit your budget. Just ensure that you have put into consideration small factors like foot design and cover material before finally settling with a certain product. From our reviews of the best comfy sofa bed, our top choice goes to the Gilda Futon Z Single Chair Bed. It comes in an elegant design that is easily transformed and has a queen-size bed – all for an affordable price.

Our runners-up pick is the HOMCOM Linen Sofa Bed Chaise Lounge thanks to its easy to assemble property and ability to fit into small spaces.

Overall, all the sofa beds on this list will offer you and your guests all the benefits of a comfortable bed.